The What's New Archives

In an effort to trim back the size and out of date-ness of the What's New page, I dumped all the old crud into this file. Not that anyone really needs this stuff, but better than deleting it.


Gallery Update

I removed a couple of picture links that went dead. And downloaded all that were still alive. All pictures now reside on my server (I've got the space now, what the hell). Couple of additions as well! I found a copy of the Overstreet Fan cover with Batman/Prime that I cleaned up and removed the 'FAN' logo. I was also emailed the latest PREVIEWS cover with Mage II. Enjoy!


Up and running

Due to operating system changes, we've been down for a couple of days. The WWW server IS back up and running, as well as my email and list server. Please make sure to check on the mattwagner-l page for instructions on how to re-subscribe to the list. My apologies, but my system crash lost your addresses. Oh yeah, and for you Mage fans, I caught a glimpse of the latest PREVIEWS cover, a nicely done MAGE II preview! (Gotta find one of those!)


My latest addiction

Getting the server pushed over to Linux is just more effort than it's worth these days. The Win95 stuff seems to be working fine, and a lot better with my new P166+ chip. Another addiction of mine these days is QUAKE, a next-generation DOOM game. I highly recommend trying it out. Then try out your skills against others across the Internet on my Quakeworld Server. With Grendel Prime skin, this game is a blast! SO CHECK IT OUT!


On the move (again!)

Now that I'm moved into my new home and (most) of my Internet service problems are ironed out, the ABP site is undergoing some further experimentation. I'm currently converting all current web services, WWW, mail, and mailing lists, from Windows95 to Linux. A very robust FREE version of Unix with lots of freeware program support as well. I hope to get list services back as soon as I can sort out Majordomo, and get a web-based news thread program going as well. Bear with me folks! P.S. Hope you like the new background for this page, lifted and touched up from the last print ABP newsletter!


Moving and Mage too!

As you may have noticed, ABP has moved from it's trusty home at Sojourn Systems to it's new home here at my own server on tcimet. I have residental 4mb service, so perfomance shouldn't be a problem. I'll also be unrestrained by drive space, or by services. I hope to have some nifty new features to be announced later. The mailing list is also moving. make sure to check out the Mailing List page for information on how to subscribe. I've tried to get as many of you as I could on the new list, but I may have missed some of you. If in doubt, re-subscribe. Now on to bigger news, as some of you already know, Matt has actually begun his second chapter of the Mage trilogy. Mage II - The Hero Defined will be published by Image in mid '97. Stay tuned for further updates!


An Embarassing Oversight...

It has been brought to my attention an inaccuracy in my Grendel Collection history. Jay Geldhof was mistakenly omitted from the credits on his run on Grendel - God and the Devil. It is especially embarrasing for me since it was Jay himself that pointed it out. Sorry. Anyway, be sure to check out his new project, The Lost. Looks great!


Bibliography update

Couple of additions to the Matt Wagner Bibliography and Grendel Collection. Couple of items haven't been seen yet, but why get behind? I've also changed counter programs in case you're wondering why my page hits are so low now.


Back in the saddle

Sorry content on this site hasn't been updated very much lately, but I've been busy. In getting back into the swing of things, we've got a couple of additions. Namely the new interview with Matt and Batman/Grendel II preview links to Dark Horse, and the translated 'Interlude' in the Mage section. Enjoy!


Small update

Thanks to Adrian Merrington for finding an old pin-up by Matt to add to the bibliograpy! Nexus #6 is the book to look for. A link has been added to the EFF on the front page. Do your part to fight censor ship on the Internet!


New Images!

Six new scans have been added to the Image Gallery. My Christmas present to you all. Have a happy holiday season!


Image Library Update

The Ancient Brain Parts Image Gallery has been revised for thumbnail display of available graphics. Just to make you look, new Christine, Eppy, and Kevin pictures contributed by Mike Riedy has been added! Hope you like it.


Bowen Designs online!

Bowen Designs Incorporated now has it's own web site. There are several products available for order including the Hunter Rose statue and the Grendel Cycle pin. Make sure to check it out!


The Grendel Collection

The (hopefully) comprehensive list of all things Grendel is now on line! Check it out from the Grendel section of the home page.


(I think) A cool new scan

Check the image gallery for the complete Grendel Primer from Grendel Cycle. Pieced together and rearranged for windows background. Very sharp! It may need some adjusting for your resolution and color depth however. Enjoy!


Long and Twisted History Update

The Long and Twisted History of GRENDEL page has been updated to include the War Child storyline (published in the recent Grendel Cycle).

Splitting things up

To make the upkeep of this site easier, the 'What's New' section will have a page of it's own. There's so much info coming in all the time, and it's making the index page a bit long in the tooth. Keep an eye out for more changes soon!

A letter of thanks...

I'd like to take this opprotunity to thank all of you who have sent messages of condolence regarding our recent loss. They have truly helped my wife and I get through, and see the possibilities ahead. Bless you all.



Last week my wife and I lost our baby at 10 weeks. We are completely devastated at this point of our lifes and I ask that all visitors to this page take a moment and pray for us to have the courage to continue with our lives and maybe try again. Thank you all for the wonderful baby name suggestions, maybe I'll get to use them yet.

The Matt Wagner Mailing List is here!

I've finally gotten listserver capabilities! In order to bring down my hits per month, I've instituted the mattwagner-l mailing list to keep frequent visitors notified of any changes, and to keep the fans in touch with each other. Instructions are here or from the 'Mailing List' option on the main menu. Enjoy!

World's Chat

I don't know how many of you out there have heard of Worlds Chat. It's basically a chat room with a DOOM-like 3D perspective. People are represented by avatars that are picked from a gallery. I have created a Grendel Avatar for your enjoyment. Just unzip the file into your avatars directory, then add 'grendl' to your worlds.ini file. All I ask is that you don't log in with the name 'Grendel' so you are not confused with me. Try 'G-Prime' or 'Orion' or whatever floats your boat. Hope to see you all there!

Image Library Update

In order to shorten the download time for you, I have translated most of the available pictures from GIF to JPG format. I was reaching my max drive space allocation as well. I hope to use the extra drive space for more gallery additions in the future.

Grendel figurine now available!

The hand-painted, cold-cast resin figurine of the Hunter Rose based on the recent 5-color Hunter Rose T-shirt, is now available from Bowen Designs. At last report, only 500 of the 1100 made are available. The statue sells for $140 + $6 shipping & handling. Visa and MC orders can be faxed directly to Bowen Designs at 503-786-7948. Or you can send a check or money order by good old-fashioned mail at: Bowen Designs, P.O. Box 220223, Milwaukie, OR 97269. Or you ca n check out this Grendel Statue Information Page. I just got mine, and it is INCREDIBLE! Now all I have to do is find a glass case with spotlight, and I'll be all set. Also, I'm luckier than I deserve. The statue came with a certificate stating that it is one of only fifty that has been signed by Matt and Randy Bowen!

Mage II? (finally!)

A tip from a visitor of this page has informed me that in Overstreet Fan, Matt has stated that after he wraps up Batman/Grendel II, he will begin work on his long awaited second chapter of the Mage trilogy, Mage II: The Hero Defined.

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