Ancient Brain Parts - mattwagner-l mailing list

The Matt Wagner mailing list

A lot of people email me with requests on how to get certain items (comics, statues, t-shirts, etc), is this or that rumor true, yada yada yada. I've developed an electronic mailing list so that YOU, the fans, can keep in touch with each other. I can also then keep members notified of any major or minor changes to the site.

A word of advice: Before you subscribe, please send a message with:

info mattwagner-l

to in the body to see if you get a response message. I've been getting some subscribers having their mail being bounced back as undeliverable.

To Subscribe, Send an email message to with

subscribe mattwagner-l

in the body of the message.

Then to send mail to the list members, address your message to

Your message will then be distributed to the members of the list.

For help with the listserver commands, send the message



This is a new listserver for me, so please be patient until I can get the bugs worked out!