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Long overdue update

Implemented new BB system complete with a separate For Sale/Trade forum. This one actually works, so enjoy! Gallery revamp coming soon.


A New Look

You may or may have not noticed by now, but the ABP site has a somewhat new look. Just splitting off some content and making navigation a little easier. More changes are coming, but let me know what you think so far!


Ordering Mage #0

American Entertainment had some kind of non-specific 'problem' with my online order form for Mage #0, and finally got the thing on their on-line store. You can get your copy here. Still no sign of the signed edition however.


The Annotated Mage

David Steinberger has put together an excellent site recapping the first series, Mage: The Hero Discovered. Be sure to check out The Annotated Mage.


Mage II, here it comes!

Matt last week had sent to me photocopies of the upcoming Mage II #0 & #1. I must say, even in B&W, that it looks AWESOME!. Matchstick has returned, better than ever. The number 0 issue will be available via mail order from American Entertainment, which is a HUGE mail-order operation. They are going to place an ad in Wizard and sell individual issues that way. When I get a chance, I'll be sure to scan a frame or two for the web site.

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