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MAGE: The Hero Discovered

This is the story of an ordinary joe, Kevin Matchstick. Who is dissatisfied with life, believing it to be ineffectual and uneventful. After an encounter with the World-Mage, Kevin finds himself drawn to the struggle against evil. To be a HERO. Even when he doesn't wan't to be.

For those of you that follow this story, Matt gave us a little teaser of Mage II in the late 80's. Entitled 'Interlude', this short backup feature in Comico's Grendel 16-19 was stunning, but in French. Although the dialogue was limited, I'm sure many of you wondered, What the hell are they talking about?. But thanks to Scott, AKA Vertigo, we have the translated "Interlude".

Recently, I recieved email from Matt, (and subsequently from the ABP newsletter) that work has begun on Mage II in November. The series will be published by Image in mid '97. Stay tuned for updates!

In honor of Kevin's return this July in Mage II: The Hero Defined, David Steinberger has put together an excellent site for those new to the story, The Annotated Mage

Thanks to the help of the Internet community, I was clued in as to what song Kevin and Joe were singing at the beginning of Mage II #1. It's called 'A Town Called Malice' by The Jam. If you have IE, you should have an ActiveX control below to play a sound byte (get it?) from that song.

A 'Books You Should Be Reading' review of Mage II, with some history of the series thrown in for good measure.