The Matt Wagner Bibliography

Comic Book Work


Comico Primer #2
Comico Primer #5 (inks only)
Grendel #1-3
Mage #1-15
Grendel #1-40
Grendel: Devil's Vagary (script only)
Johnny Quest #1 (back-up story colors only)
The Demon #1-4 (lim. series)
Secret Origins Special #1 (inks only)
True North #1 (centerspread)
True North #2
The Story Thus Far #2 (Single page)
Dark Horse Presents #40, 45, 5th Anniversary Special
Sandman #25 (pencils only)
Terminator: One Shot (art only)
Demon #22
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #28-30
Miracleman: Aprocrypha #1 (four-page story)
DC Who's Who, new series (text for Uncle Sam entry)
Batman/Grendel #1-2
Batman/Grendel (Hero Comics Preview Red and Gold Editions)
Ray Bradbury Comics #2 (Topps)
Grendel: War Child #1-10
Grendel Tales: Devil's Hammer #1-3 (Devil Quest backup by Matt)
Grendel Tales: Devil In Our Midst #1-5 (Devil Quest backup by Matt)
Grendel Tales: Devils and Deaths #1, 2 (Devil Quest backup by Matt)
Grendel Tales: Homecoming #1-3 (dialog and Devil Quest backup by Matt)
Grendel Tales: Devil's Choices #1-4 (Devil Quest backup by Matt)
Sandman Mystery Theatre #1-present
Sandman Mystery Theatre Annual #1
Riddler: The Riddle Factory one-shot
Sandman Midnight Theatre (plot only)
Silverback #1-3 (Comico - story only)
Vertigo Preview #1 (SMT preview)
Vertigo Rave #1 (SMT preview)
Batman Adventures Annual #1
Grendel Cycle
Savage Hulk Special (Script only)
Batman Black & White #3 (Eight page story)
Batman/Grendel II #1-2
Decade of Dark Horse #1 (Short B&W Grendel story)
Mage II #0-present

Collected Editions:

Grendel: Devil by the Deed (Comico - reprints Mage back-up features)
Grendel: Devil by the Deed (same as above, signed and numbered)
Grendel: Devil by the Deed (Dark Horse - same as above, but recolored w/new cover)
Magebook #1, #2 (reprints Mage #1-3 and #4-6)
Mage: v1, v2, v3 (reprints Mage #1-15)
Grendel: Devil's Legacy (reprints Grendel #1-12)
Grendel: The Devil Inside (reprints Grendel #13-15)
Grendel: The Devil Inside (same as above, signed and numbered)
Grendel: War Child (reprints War Child #1-10)
Grendel: War Child hardcover (same as above, signed and numbered)
The Best of DHP Vol #3 (Arialist reprint w/cover by Matt)
Grendel Classics #1 (reprints Grendel #16-17)
Grendel Classics #2 (reprints Grendel #18-19)
Batman: FACES (reprints Legends of the Dark Night #28-30)
Sandman Mystery Theatre: The Tarantula (reprints SMT #1-4)
Grendel: Devil Quest (reprints Grendel Tales backup storyline)

Covers only:

Johnny Quest #4 (cover colors only)
Challengers of the Unknown #5, 7
Swamp Thing #103
Robin II #1
The Griffin #1-6
The Jam #1-5 (Slave Labor edition)
Tales From the Heart #7
Lone Wolf & Cub #25-36
Previews Vol. II No. 6
Spectre #9
Detective #647-649
Werewolf: Players Guide (Role playing game)
Daredevil: Predator's Smile Novel
Grendel Tales: Devils and Deaths collection
Terminal City #7-9
Terminal City TPB
Previews May 1997
Grendel Tales: Devil's Apprentice #1-3
Eb'nn #5
Cheval Noir #25
Comico Hype (Summer 1985 handout)

Trading Cards

A set of four trading cards featuring the Simon Bisley covers from Grendel: War Child on the front and an original Matt Wagner Grendel drawing on the back.
Madman trading card (in Madman x50 bubblegum card set)
Grendel-Prime card (Wizard creator portfolio #3)
Grendel-Prime card (Freedonia Funny Works #3)
Sandman Mystery Theatre (DC/Vertigo cards - #66)
Rowland and Paine (Sandman cards - #85)
Deathblow (Wildstorm Gallery - #16)
Diva (Wildstorm Gallery - #17)
Dozer (Wildstorm Gallery - #18)
Attica (Wildstorm Gallery - #64)
Beastmaster (Wildstorm Gallery - #65)
Black Angel (Wildstorm Gallery - #66)
Batman: Saga of the Dark Knight #52-54
Shadow (Movie tie-in - #89)
Matthew Wagner (Famous Comic Book Creator cards #41)

Pin-ups only:

Batman vs. Predator #1-2
Fish Police, Comico edition #6
Eagle #1
The Jam: Super-Cool Color-Injected Turbo Adventure #1 From Hell
DC Who's Who (old series): Dr. Midnite
DC Who's Who (new series): Granny Goodness, Copperhead, Hourman, The Spectre
Batman Adventures #25
Vertigo Gallery: Phantom Stranger
Sandman Gallery: Sandman
Comico Black Book
Skrog Yip Yip Yay Special #1
Captain Satan #1-2
Dreams & Nightmares (Vertigo gallery)
Nexus #6
Wonder Woman #50 (2nd series)


A promotional poster featuring the cover to Grendel: War Child #1.
A promotional poster featuring the cover to Batman/Grendel #1.
Marvel poster: Hulk vs. Thing
Sandman Mystery Theatre poster (Vertigo - from The Tarantula TPB cover) (see image gallery)
Limited edition Grendel poster (200 prints) with 6 Grendel incarnations. (see image gallery)
Grendel A through Z (Grendel Primer limited to 750 signed copies)
Hunter Rose Grendel poster (Limited signed poster by Matt from Comics Pro magazine, a shitty production kept it from release)


Demon gatefold in Graphitti's hardcover History of the DC Universe
Hunter Rose statue designed by Matt & sculpted by Randy Bowen
Hunter Rose refrigerator magnet sculpted by Randy Bowen
Grendel Lithograph - A full-color lithograph featuring an original piece by Matt Wagner.
Grendel Kit - A kit containing a sculpted grendel pin by Randy Bowin and Grendel: Devil in Reflection mini contained in a collector's box.
Grendel Collection - From Golden Age Collectible's Grendel Day, Includes T-shirt, Devil in Reflection mini, and Grendel Collection mini which has bio information and signatures of Matt & all the artists from the original series, including War Child.
Mage Magnets - Set of 3 Mage II magnets from Graphitti.
Mage Window Decal - Cover to Mage II #0.

Grendel T-Shirts:

Wanted Poster
Christine Spar
Eppy Thatcher
Hunter Rose
Grendel Prime
Grendel Collection
Grendel Cycle

Grendel Sweatshirts:

Grendel #4 cover
Grendel #4 last page

Grendel Mask

Stretch lycra face mask with stitched-in white eye patches and nose.

Grendel Tote Bag

Natural-color canvas bag with Snyder/Geldhof artwork of Grendel eyes done as bloody red palm prints.

Mage T-Shirts:

#1 - Lightning Bolt (tour and non-tour versions)
#2 - Painted illustration of all four major characters leaning on the hood of an Edsel
#3 - Kevin Matchstick holding a bat on a black background - limited edition shirt produced for 1986 Star Reach Tradeshow, Chicago
#4 - Mage II promotional shirt
New Lightning Bolt from Graphitti for Mage II rollout
Black hat w/Lightning Bolt & logo from Graphitti
Joe Phat t-shirt from Graphitti
Kirby Hero t-shirt from Graphitti

Mage Jackets:

Lightning Bolt (limited edition by Graphitti)
High Five (embroidered)


Inkpot Award winner 1988
Nominated for 18 industry awards (Kirbys, Eisners, Golden Apples)
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