Regular maintenance of your valuable systems is vital to the continued smooth running of your network without costly interruption. Outages and downtime are expensive and frustrating, and can irritate customers. TheWatchers can help you avoid these issues by keeping things running smoothly, and foreseeing possible problems before they arise.

Server Maintenance

Servers encounter a myriad of small problems along the way, over time, and these can develop into much more serious problems in the future if not dealt with now. Security patches need to be installed promptly to keep your systems secure from viruses and attacks. Operating system updates need to be installed for the same reasons, and can sometimes cause secondary complications which need to be dealt with. Eventually old hardware needs to be upgraded or replaced. TheWatchers can give your systems the TLC and general tech support they need to keep running smoothly, without interruption to your business. Ask us about our affordable monthly maintenance packages.

Backup and Redundancy

The safety of your data is crucial; your business doesn't function without it. While some businesses can handle a small amount of downtime, others cannot handle any at all, and must be functional all the time. TheWatchers will help you devise a redundant system with your uptime needs and budget in mind. We will also assist you in developing a backup routine, utilizing cloud storage, offsite backup, and/or onsite backup locations.