Your network design is an overview that will include many considerations, and dictate many elements of the build. You may want to include remote access, phones, or the ability to handle future technology upgrades or growth. You will certainly want to protect your valuable data with security, and backup and redundancy.


The network itself is made up of all the necessary hardware components, like servers, work stations, switches, routers, and cabling. Phone capable systems will require phones, phone lines (SIP termination), and the PBX server. TheWatchers will work within your budget to find the best hardware for your needs. We always recommend open source solutions, which provide many benefits including full customization, and are also a much more affordable and secure option.


Your business can benefit greatly from solid hardware in a well-designed network. But it is software systems that control everything, and really add efficiencies to your business. Do you find you have people duplicating the work someone else has already done? Do you find one person with a file they created on their computer, and another person with a different version of the same file, that they edited, on their computer? Do you find each of your employees using slightly different processes for certain tasks, doing things their own way? Do you know you have inventory somewhere, but can't seem to actually find it? Do you end up ordering more of that item, just because you couldn't find what you were already in possession of? Let TheWatchers help you realize the cost savings that come from efficiency!

The Internet is constantly evolving and changing. A new website can not only make you more appealing to potential customers, but can even be a functional part of your business. With a well-developed database on the back end, a variety of graphical front end apps become possible for all kinds of things, such as customer management or inventory management. Customers could log into their own account and check order statuses on their own, quickly and easily. Your website could do your invoicing, inventory management, and purchasing for you. iPhones are becoming increasingly popular with business users, and apps can be developed not only for public use, but also for internal company use, making life incredibly convenient and efficient.